Posted on 23rd September, 2018


Parasound's UK distributor, Connected Distribution, along with the Marquee veteran, and multimedia bona fide celebrity called Fish have come together for an extraordinary charity auction.

You could find yourself with a complete Parasound system signed by a Platinum-selling artist as well as donating to a great cause.

Fish's chosen charity, Chest Heart Stroke Scotland, will benefit from 100% of the proceeds of the auction which is for a complete Parasound Z Series hi-fi system, comprising: Zpre v.2, Zamp v.3, Zdac v.2 and Zphono.

Fish and Parasound

The auction goes live on eBay at 9.00pm Monday 24th September, to coincide with Fish's concert in Leamington Spa. Fans attending the show will be able to pick up information about the auction there too. The auction will run for one week, taking in the Festival of Sound, where you can see the complete system in the Connected Distribution room, D7 Graves.

If you are unfamiliar with Fish, real name Derek Dick, he is a successful solo artist as well as the former Marillion frontman and lyricist who fronted the band from 1981 to 1988. The seven years includes the release of the incredible, critically acclaimed, and iconic Misplaced Childhood album. Personally, the other four studio albums that feature Fish are also brilliant.

Since going solo, Fish has gone on to explore contemporary pop, traditional folk and rock music, releasing over 12 albums and touring the world to a vast and loyal international fan base.

Parasound signed by Fish

Fish has chosen Parasound's exceptionally well-reviewed Halo Integrated amplifier for the central audio system in his home and studio located close to Edinburgh. The integration of Parasound amplification will enable Fish and his band members to record the upcoming album, “Weltschmerz”, in their dedicated studio facility and carefully monitor the results before making the commercial pressings.  

Mike Bonnette, director of Connected Distribution, told StereoNET:

“When we suggested to Fish that we could run a charity auction using some of the Parasound products he immediately agreed and nominated the charity Chest Heart Stroke Scotland. His connection with the charity goes back a while, as his mother used to volunteer in its North Berwick shop and Fish actually performed the opening ceremony when that branch opened.”


“We are delighted to be able to assist with money raising for this very worthwhile charity and would urge all Fish and Marillion fans, and lovers of good music and excellent hi-fi to take part in the auction. The system is worth over £1800 and with Fish's signature is a priceless collector's item which deserves to do very well in the auction.”

The charity auction runs on eBay from 9 pm 24th September until 9 pm 1st October. You can find the listing by searching for ‘Parasound ZSeries - signed by Fish' or eBay item number 382562526178.

For more information, head to Parasound.


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