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3rd September, 2019


Optoma has announced its ALR101 light-rejecting projector screen at IFA 2019.

Optoma's new light-shunning projector screen is undoubtedly going to win over TV fans, gamers and those that love to watch sporting events or films.

Optoma ALR101 Screen

The 16:9 Optoma ALR101 ambient light rejecting projector screen is a high-performance front projection screen that is engineered to achieve vibrant images, even in brightly lit rooms.

Joe Wilkins, Head of Marketing at Optoma EMEA, told StereoNET:

We are excited to unveil our new ambient light rejecting screen. When coupled with one of our ultra-short-throw projectors, the solution delivers an exceptional 100-inch image - even in bright ambient lighting conditions.

Optoma ALR101 projector screen

Coupled with an ultra-short-throw projector, imagery will fill the 100-inch ALR101 screen size with the projector placed from as little as 30cm away. This makes it a neat solution for any living room and guarantees a large picture the whole family and friends can enjoy without shadows cast from gamers or people going to fetch the popcorn.

The specialised screen surface is designed to actively reflect a projected image for high contrast and solid colour saturation while preventing ambient light from washing out the picture.

The ALR101's narrow bezel delivers a stylish, modern look that will complement any living space. Its 0.6 gain provides wide viewing angles – perfect for gaming or watching the big game with friends. It also enables deeper black levels for fine detail in darker scenes – even with the lights on.

Price and availability

The new newly announced ALR101 is priced at £1,499.99 and will be available soon.


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