Posted on 5th May, 2018


News that the famous Eastside Recording studios in Manhattan, USA have wired its studios with American designed Nordost cables is news worth celebrating.

It may be stating the bleeding obvious, but recording engineers and audiophiles are not the best of pals.

Recording pros regard audiophiles as a bunch of anorak hugging tossers who claim to hear differences in audio components.

Audiophiles think of studio sound engineers as hearing impaired, dial twiddling fools who wouldn’t know good sound even if they were standing next to a master playing a Stradivari violin.

Truth is there are many great sound engineers and yes, irrefutable different components sound, different.

The whole domestic audio industry is founded on the concept of hearing a difference between audio components and more controversially, cables.

Up until a couple of decades ago, engineering types with degrees loved to deride the audiophile notion that cables affect sound quality.

The audiophiles were proven to be right, and the result opened the manufacturing floodgates to a horde of cable brands including the highly regarded and respected outfit called, Nordost.

Notwithstanding the fact that the cable industry attracts brands with a profile resembling those of politicians, bankers, and financial advisors and used car and real estate salespeople, there are sonic benefits to be made using quality cables.

Marc Urselli, Eastside’s revered chief engineer agrees.

He’s chosen to wire Eastside Sound with Nordost cables on a permanent basis. He’ll run his recording signals via Nordost interconnect and speaker leads to record Newvelle’s fourth season of jazz recordings.

Newvelle Records is a label dedicated to producing original, high-quality vinyl recordings, praise the Lord.

Urselli swears he hears a difference using Nordost cables. During the installation, he did some A/B tests and was stunned by what he heard. He said:

I was initially sceptical about the fact that an audio cable might be able to make more than just a subtle difference in sound.

When I got to test these cables, I was blown away by how big the difference actually was. It wasn’t just a subtle thing that only an engineer or audiophile would hear, but a clear improvement in the overall frequency response of the signal that EVERONE can hear!

There you have it. Proof that a recording engineer can hear cable differences. But then again, Urselli is not your average studio pro.

He’s a five-time nominated and three-time Grammy award-winning recording and mixing engineer. He’s worked with Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Sting, Peter Frampton and Lou Reed.

As for Nordost, it’s a cable brand so widely regarded it has nothing more to prove.

For more information visit Nordost.

Originally published on StereoNET AU as Nordost Wires Eastside Sound Recording Studios


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