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3rd June, 2019


Ortofon announced a string of new products at Munich High End, and we can confirm which ones are coming to the UK.

MC Anna Diamond

Ortofon has been incredibly busy over the last year-or-so and its range of Century cartridges could not be ignored. So, it is fitting that the first product to be announced to land in the UK is the MC Anna Diamond which we announced before High End. Thanks to the company’s MC Century development process during 2018, they’ve now developed a new technique to make the original MC Anna perform even better.

Ortofon MC Anna Diamond UK

The MC Anna Diamond boasts all the same features as the MC Anna, except the diamond stylus is now mounted directly on to a diamond cantilever. The new cartridge rightly sits at the very top of Ortofon’s range priced at £7,250.
Munich High End also saw Ortofon release a further two new cartridges and a mid-range step-up transformer.

Super OM 5E

Super OM 5E UK
The Super OM 5E is an affordable “Optimum Match” cartridge with upgraded (super) cartridge body, featuring split-pole pin technology as found in the Ortofon 2M series. It will be available this summer for around £70.

MC A Mono

Ortofon MC A Mono UK
Next is the MC A Mono that carries a suggested price tag of £3750. Here you get a high-end pure mono cartridge, inspired by the same technologies and processes that made the brand’s MC A 95 cartridge. This is a real specialist and is made to order.

ST-70 Step Up Transformer

Ortofon ST70 Step Up Transformer UK 
Finally, Ortofon presents a premium step-up transformer in the shape of the new ST-70.

Ortofon ST-70 SUT UK

The £925.00 SRP gets you two configuration settings, and Ortofon states that this new SUT is an ideal match for their Cadenza moving coil cartridge series when it lands in the UK this summer.

Road Show

If you fancy getting to know Ortofon’s range a bit better, the company is hitting the road once more with the Ortofon Cartridge Experience.

The dates and venues are:

  • Saturday, July 13th: Nintronics (Welwyn Garden City)
  • Friday, August 16th: Midland Audio X-Change (Belbroughton)
  • Saturday, August 31st: Oxford Audio Consultants (Oxford)
  • Wednesday, September 4th: Home Media Limited (Kent)
  • Saturday, September 14th: Wilkinson’s Hi-Fi (Nelson)
  • Saturday, September 21st: Fanthorpes HiFi (Hull)


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