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1st May, 2019

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Netflix on your TV should sound even better from today.

Let's face it, even the recent epic battle on Game of Thrones would seem a little bit 'meh' if it weren't for the score. Who wouldn't want to experience the full eeriness of the Stranger Things soundtrack?

Netflix Hi-res audio

Netflix reckons that it has figured out how to improve the audio experience when watching box sets and movies on its streaming service. Furthermore, the upgrade is rolling out today, as long as you qualify.

It was shortly after the release of Stranger Things - Season Two when Netflix engineers noticed that the sound experience wasn’t that great during a car chase scene, according to the company's blog.

So, Netflix came up with a solution that would improve the sound across all the shows available on the platform, not just its originals.

Firstly, Netflix has increased the bit rate of all audio streams from 192Kbps up to 640Kbps. Secondly, it has also brought its adaptive video streaming process to audio streaming. That’s a machine learning algorithm that analyses your internet connection performance to adapt video streaming in real time. Now, the same thing will happen with your audio experience. The better your connection, the better the sound. Boom!

Basically, you’ll need an extra 10Mbps to handle the “high-quality audio.” Don't worry, that doesn't mean you need to run out and upgrade your internet package to get better sound on all Netflix shows. However, you might need better speakers to get high-quality audio out of your Netflix box set binges.

The sound is optimised for streaming boxes, speakers, and soundbars that support Dolby 5.1 and Dolby Atmos. If your equipment doesn’t meet those standards, then you will miss out on Netflix’s new sound experience.

5.1: From 192 kbps (good) up to 640 kbps (great/perceptually transparent)

Dolby Atmos: From 448 kbps up to 768 kbps (Dolby Atmos is available for members subscribed to the Premium plan)

The upgrade is rolling out from today, May 1st and, as long as your kit meets the spec, you should get better sound on Netflix automagically.


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