Nagra HD PREAMP and HD AMP 2020 Updates Teased

Posted on 24th December, 2019

Nagra HD PREAMP and HD AMP 2020 Updates Teased

Nagra is already getting set for 2020 with new HD offerings being teased before Christmas.

We have had word from Nagra that we can expect a new HD AMP, HD PREAMP/HV, and HD Remote from the Swiss high-end hi-fi brand.


Firstly, the Nagra HD PREAMP gets a high voltage update.


The HV upgrade, as Nagra calls it, has redesigned boards with larger capacitors and a power supply that runs even more quietly. The manufacturers state that the HV update improves the sound of the HD PREAMP with more energy, dynamics as well as a full-bodied presentation.

The Nagra HV boards will come as standard in all new HD PREAMP from January 2020.

Nagra HD PREAMP Remote and Dock

Also, the rather cool-looking Nagra HD PREAMP remote and charging station is being shipped with the new pre, and we are told that an HD DAC X version will soon follow.

Nagra HD AMP 2020

Additionally, the Nagra reference amplifier, the HD AMP, has also been updated.

Nagra HD AMP 2020

There are no details available yet regarding what this entails, but the maker says that we can expect more headroom, refinement and warmth. Furthermore, all current HD AMPs can also be upgraded to the HD AMP 2020 standard.

Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

For further details, head over to Nagra.


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