Posted on 13th April, 2018


Canada-based Muraudio has announced the launch of its all-new curvy SP1 electrostatic speakers.

The Muraudio SP1 is based on the award-winning Domain Omni series loudspeakers and Muraudio's patented high output continuous curve electrostatic technology. The new speaker incorporates many of the same components but in a smaller, lighter, and more contemporary design.

The SP1 uses Muraudio’s Mylar Diaphragm Technology for enhanced dynamics through improved distribution of acoustic energy across the continuous curve of the ESL panel.  

A mylar membrane barely 3.8 microns thick (0.0038 mm) has the same mass as a mere 5 mm layer of air. That’s 250 times less than the moving mass of a conventional midrange speaker cone and tweeter dome array.

The SP1’s virtually weightless, ultra-light ESL film moves with incredible speed and precision, delivering clear, detailed and natural sound with ultimate sonic accuracy and distortion levels so low that total harmonic distortion (THD) levels are comparable to any high-end amplifier.

The lighter-than-air film “responds with matchless speed and precision, delivering clarity, detail, and natural sound.”

Each SP1 integrates two pairs of custom long throw six-inch aluminum low-frequency drivers, each pair in an independently sealed cabinet combined with tuned inertial reactionary dampers for tight bass response.  

These ultra-rigid, custom designed drivers reproduce frequencies below 750 Hz and move so uniformly that modal resonances are said to be inaudible. Over 6kg of magnet structure provides the necessary force for deep bass extension.

The 120 degree horizontal listening window and projected point source imaging is all part of Muraudio's signature “Sound is Everywhere” listening experience.

The hand-finished SP1 features state-of-the-art paint technology to create the speaker’s luxurious colours.  Rich wood finishes in a variety of colour options are also available.

Muraudio says that the SP1 could be considered one of the most acoustically advanced, beautifully designed electrostatic loudspeakers available on the market today. Without listening to them yet, we can certainly agree that they do look stunning.

Muraudio SP1 Loudspeakers are priced at US$14,700 pair. The first 20 pairs are being offered at 20% off the normal pricing. Those first 20 pairs should fly out of the factory!

Production is now underway with availability in summer 2018. There are currently no UK distributors, so enquiries are welcome.

For more information visit Muraudio.


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