Posted on 13th June, 2019


Morel has developed the Högtalare hi-fi speakers that will fit perfectly with your Ikea Kallax furniture.

Morel has a reputation for building some impressive loudspeakers, including the Fat Lady ($49,000) flagship and the equally elegant Sopran ($14,999). However, not one to overlook an opportunity, they successfully funded their Nomadic Audio Speakase speakers-in-luggage product. Now, the Israeli-based company has moved its latest product up to prototyping.

Morel Hogtalare Ikea Kallax

The Kallax range has found many fans within the hi-fi fraternity, and we can state that many full-sized components fit perfectly into the system. Additionally, bookshelf speakers can also make good use of the Swedish flatpack furniture. Unfortunately, the effect of placing speakers in a bookshelf can be similar to being an un-tuned horn - ever shouted down a traffic cone or through your cupped hands?

This is what Morel has designed out using a bespoke approach that eliminates the problems of an extra enclosure. The Högtalare (Swedish for ‘speaker’) loudspeaker fits snugly into any Kallax shelf with its reinforced MDF cabinet housing a pair of soft dome tweeters, a double magnet 6-inch mid/bass driver (with front firing port) and a trio of corresponding 50 Watt amplifiers working in concert via a DSP crossover.

Exploding Hogtalare

You can use aptX Bluetooth or the 3.5mm analogue connection for your sounds whereas a USB socket adds 5V powered third-party streamers to the options meaning Chromecast audio and the like are welcomed.

Morel Hogtalara Ikea Kallax

You can set a single Högtalare unit on your Kallax with the loudspeaker using its left and right tweeters to produce pseudo-channel-separation. However, pair it with another over TWS Bluetooth, and you get all the benefits of true stereo.

Morel Hogtalare Ikea Kallax

The cabinet is all black with Morel offering a choice of four wave-guided grille covers.

Högtalare is available via Indiegogo: €150 for a single unit, €265 for two with shipping scheduled for August 2019.  

The project’s goal was met within 2 hours, so it is going ahead and, as we have already said, is currently going through prototyping.


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