Monitor Audio Launches IA40-3 Compact Amplifier

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2nd September, 2019

Monitor Audio Launches IA40-3 Compact Amplifier

Monitor Audio has launched its IA40-3 compact amplifier designed for Custom Install audio solutions.

The Monitor Audio IA40-3 is a discreet amplifier that promises to be highly versatile. Going towards achieving that versatility it boasts digital, analogue and Bluetooth inputs with Dolby Audio (Dolby Digital).

Monitor Audio IA40-3

The IA40-3 has been designed for easy installation, the amplifier’s customisable brackets mean that it can be positioned on a wall, cabinet, stand or the back of a television. You also get an external IR sensor as well as that all-important RS232 port.

Monitor Audio IA40-3

Possessing 40 W of power over three channels at 4 Ohms or 60 W over two channels, the IA40-3 will drive speakers or passive soundbars to deliver a lively and precise sound.

Ideal for smaller environments, the IA40-3 can be configured in a multitude of ways. Firstly it can be paired with bookshelf or stand-mount speakers in a bedroom, study or sitting room. Alternatively, you can hook it up to in-ceiling speakers for the kitchen, bedroom or loft room.

Monitor Audio IA40-3

Last and by no means least, you can mount the IA40-3 on the back of your TV using the supplied Velcro strips or bespoke bracket to drive one a passive soundbar.

For more bass, an active subwoofer can also be connected to the IA40-3 via the sub/ line out.

Finally, the IA40-3 features optical and analogue inputs and the latest Bluetooth wireless technology powered by Qualcomm aptX audio.

Monitor Audio’s technical director, Michael Hedges, told StereoNET:

With the IA40-3, our development team really met the brief they were given and have created a compact, stylish and versatile amplifier which will delight our customers.

For more information, go to Monitor Audio.


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