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4th January, 2019

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Technics wasn't the only teaser over the festive break. Monitor Audio also posted a video on its Facebook page teasing a new product. We did try to guess what it could be and, in the end, we were satisfied that the video featuring a golden fingerprint alluded to a touchscreen device. It turns out that they were hinting at a new range of Gold Series speakers.

The British speaker manufacturer has now confirmed the release of an all-new Gold speaker range. The updated offerings mark the fifth-generation of the Gold Series so please meet the Gold 5G speaker range.

The new speaker series is refocused too as it is not merely a speaker-for-speaker refresh. The new Monitor Audio Gold line-up features six models in total with one pair (instead of two) of bookshelf speakers named Gold 100, and one centre channel speaker (not two) dubbed Gold C250. Then there are two three-way floorstanders, namely Gold 200 and Gold 300, a surround speaker titled Gold FX and finally the Gold W12 powered sub.

Monitor Audio Gold Series 5G

The Gold series borrows technology from the flagship Platinum II models. So, here we have mid/bass drivers with RDT II (Rigid Diaphragm Technology) that sandwiches a thin C-CAM, Nomex honeycomb core and a woven carbon fibre back skin for a formation that’s rigid and stiff yet lightweight.

The new half-dozen models also utilise MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) tweeters and cabinets that have received dampening and bracing solutions for reducing unwanted resonance. We are told that the HiVe II ports improve transient response and bass tautness, too. Which is nice.

Pricing for the new Gold range is as follows:

  • Gold 100 standmounts - £1400
  • Gold 200 and Gold 300 floorstanders cost £2900 and £4000 respectively
  • Gold C250 centre - £1100
  • Gold W12 sub - £2100
  • Gold FX surround speakers are £1700 for the pair

Check out the gallery below for lovely images of the new range.

Monitor Audio’s Gold Series becomes available from next month in piano gloss black, satin white, dark walnut, and piano ebony finishes.

We are hoping that they will be making their debut at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show. See you there!

For more information, go to Monitor Audio.


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