Posted on 25th June, 2019


Mitchell & Johnson are flying the flag with the official release of their new British-designed, British-made S800 CD Player.

Mitchell & Johnson, the London-based hi-fi specialist, has formally launched the new S800 CD player.

Mitchell & Johnson S800 CD Player

We first met the new £1,299 player as a prototype at February's Bristol Hi-Fi Show, and, after a bit of slippage from its original April due date, it is now available in production form via Mitchell & Johnson's global dealer network.

Handmade in the Midlands, the new S800 CD player is one of only a handful of UK-made CD players. Based upon the industry-leading ESS Sabre DAC chip, which offers high-performance digital-to-analogue conversion, the S800 CD player is optimised for 44.1kHz replay through its dual stereo RCA and balanced XLR outputs.

Mitchell & Johnson S800 CD Player

Behind the S800's solid aluminium fascia panel is a high-performance European-sourced CD drive that takes care of disc control and data extraction.

Arguably offering value for money for a handmade British CD player, the S800 also includes an audiophile-grade linear power supply with a high-quality Noratel Xtraquiet transformer for low-noise operation.

Connectivity options include both balanced and unbalanced outputs, plus Mitchell & Johnson's 12-volt Power Link provides synchronised power on/off when used with compatible partnering equipment, such as the S800 preamp and S815 stereo power amp (both £1,299 each). The trio provides a high-performance yet affordable, entirely British-made hi-fi system ready for connection to chosen loudspeakers.

Mitchell & Johnson S800 CD Player

Significantly, the S800 CD player and the rest of the 800 Series represents a significant milestone for Mitchell & Johnson, as the first products to launch following a significant managerial restructure, brand repositioning and strategic transition to exclusively UK-based design and manufacturing, attracting considerable financial investment during the last two years.

Price and availability

The S800 CD player is available now in satin black or satin silver priced at £1,299.

For more information, go to Mitchell & Johnson


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