Rotel Michi Returns

Posted on 7th November, 2019

Rotel Michi Returns

Michi makes a return to the Rotel stable.

The iconic high-end Rotel Michi label is set to return to the UK with a new flagship range of three audio components.

Michi P5 S5 stack

With availability slated for later this month, the new Michi models include the P5 Preamplifier (£3,299), S5 Stereo Amplifier (£5,399) and M8 Monoblock Amplifier (£5,399). 

The new Michi range is the result of over three years of development. Additionally, the company states that every component has been specially selected following extended listening sessions by the dedicated engineering team.

Furthermore, the components feature bespoke components including in-house manufactured, custom oversized toroidal transformers mounted in dedicated, epoxy filled enclosures. Also, patented, British high-efficiency, slit foil, bulk storage capacitors are employed supporting up to 32 high-current output transistors. The upshot of all that is large, clean power reserves.

Peter Kao, Managing Director of Rotel and 3rd generation of the founding family, told StereoNET

Michi is taking Rotel’s values of excellent performance and value into the high-end segment with models that offer new levels of engineering, build and design while setting new reference standards for audio performance. We have used all of our 55 years of design and manufacturing experience to create our best ever products.

P5 Control Amplifier

Michi P5 preamp

The P5 Amplifier sports a range of analogue and digital source inputs including dual balanced input and output XLR’s, high-quality MM and MC phono stage inputs and apt-X Bluetooth wireless connection.

Dual AKM 32-bit DACs feed the Class-A preamplifier circuit design. The circuits are supported by an array of 17 independent voltage regulators driven from a pair of those aforementioned toroidal transformers with low ESR smoothing capacitors delivering ripple-free current to all critical circuits.

The Michi P5 also includes MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology to unfold and render MQA audio files and streams.

S5 Stereo Amplifier and M8 Monoblock Amplifier

Michi S5 stereo amp

The S5 & M8 are Class AB designs delivering 500 watts and 1080 watts respectively into 8-ohm loads (rising to 800W and an astounding 1,800W into 4-ohms). 

Both amplifiers include twin matched, over-sized 2200 VoltAmp, in-house manufactured toroidal transformers.

Michi M8 monobloc

An array of 32 high-current output devices drive the amplifier output stages, reducing the load on individual components and are supported from 188,000uF of patented bulk storage capacitors.

Michi M8 S5 power amp internal

Michi exclusive five-way Rhodium-plated binding posts complete the high-quality specification.

Price and availability

The new Michi range is available from November 2019. Pricing is as follows:

  • P5 Preamplifier - £3,299
  • S5 Stereo Amplifier - £5,399
  • M8 Monoblock Amplifier - £5,399


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