Meze Audio RAI Solo IEM Released

Posted on 21st November, 2019

Meze Audio RAI Solo IEM Released

Meze Audio has announced the Rai Solo in-ear monitors (IEMs).

We met the RAI Solo at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live in Ascot recently. These earphones follow the successful launch of the RAI Penta IEMs and Meze Audio are targetting the “entry-level audiophile” with the stainless steel-bodied Solo.

Meze Rai Solo UK

The Meze RAI Solo features the same soft edges as seen on the Rai Penta and designed to present a fun, neutral but well refined and controlled sound signature, according to the company.

The RAI Solo boasts a frequency response of 18hz-22kHz from its refined electrodynamic driver. The membrane of the 9.2mm UPM driver itself is electrically conductive, and therefore no wires are attached to the diaphragm. The result, we are told, is symmetric pistonic motion through its entire movement, without the imbalance created by wires.

Meze Rai Solo

Antonio Meze, founder and lead designer at Meze Audio, told StereoNET:

RAI Solo has been at the origin of the entire Rai IEM family, so it shares a lot of design philosophy DNA with the flagship, RAI Penta. It was supposed to be released ahead of RAI Penta, but we took our time to perfect it for production. The result is a high value, yet still affordable, IEM.

The Meze Audio RAI Solo comes with standard MMCX sockets and a detachable MMCX 1.3m Silver Plated Cable.

Price and availability

The Meze RAI Solo IEMs are available for £229.

For more information, head on over to Meze Audio.


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