Posted on 23rd August, 2019


The Meridian 210 Streamer has been released and enables smooth streaming from mobile devices as well as being Roon Ready.

Meridian has looked at streaming stats, and the results informed the Brit hi-fi brand that a slick, fuss-free music streamer was needed. Furthermore, as Spotify ranked highest amongst the platforms, being kitted out with Spotify Connect was a must.

The resulting Meridian 210 Streamer boasts both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity with volume and playback controls synchronised between streaming apps and the Meridian system.

Meridian 210 Streamer

Control and configuration are handled by the Meridian Control app, as well as any connected Meridian systems.

Streaming Skills

The aluminium case is fitted with non-metallic panels to allow for Wi-Fi functionality via the unit's pair of internal antennae.

As well as music being fed to the new Streamer via Spotify, the 210 also allows music to be accessed through Bluetooth and DLNA/UPnP and is Roon Ready.

Meridian 210 Streamer

Naturally, the 210 Streamer will slurp up content from USB storage and made available to networked media players and renderers. It can also be connected directly to a pair of DSP loudspeakers or to any system via a SpeakerLink input. That is especially handy for those already rocking Meridian audio systems. Moreover, you can connect your existing DAC via the 210's digital coax output.

Meridian 210 Streamer

Finally, the Meridian 210 Streamer also sports a built-in MQA decoder allowing you to enjoy Master Quality Authenticated tunes fully unwrapped. MHR (Meridian High Resolution) ensures that your hi-res audio is handled without degradation in quality.

Price and availability

The Meridian 210 Streamer is available now, priced at £800.


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