Posted on 14th September, 2018


Melco has announced the N10 with the intention to introduce the concept of extreme performance Hi-Res Digital Music in a new form factor.

Building on the existing N1Z series as “the best Digital Music Source currently available”, the N10 continues to improve audio performance while offering a new highly convenient form factor. N10 does not replace any existing Melco model but introduces an exciting alternative to the established models.

Melco N10P

Melco N10 is housed in two units, each chassis 215mm wide – half the width of conventional Hi-Fi components.

The Head Unit contains all the processing electronics and the data connectivity. The Power Unit includes a low noise linear power supply and power management.

Side by side the two units are the same size as conventional HiFi so, the casing is the same size as the Melco D100 CD loader and the E100 Expansion drive. Furthermore, the N10 is the same size as the newly introduced D100 CD Loader and E100 Expansion Drive.

Naturally, separating the units allows total isolation of noise pollution. Additionally, it also isolates any vibration from the power transformer.

Melco N10P rear

The power supply has an IEC 3 wire mains supply with a properly defined ground reference point. Connectivity between the Power Unit and the Head Unit is by a flexible cord with Neutrik multi-pin connectors.

Internal storage is 3TB HDD and easily expanded by either IT USB HDD or the Melco E100 to maintain sound quality.  Data rates up to 32bit 384kHz and Octo DSD are supported. All Gapless and with Melco Markerless DSD fully supported.

Alan Ainslie, General manager at Melco, told StereoNET:

Melco to date has achieved a great reputation for sound quality with machines using internal switch-mode supplies. So high-quality supplies, used properly, clearly give excellent results unmatched by other solutions, especially when everything is in one chassis.

The metalwork of both units comprising the N10 is designed around a high-quality solid aluminium case and end cheeks. Multiple elements ensure total rigidity and isolation of all components to ensure maximum sound quality.

The Melco N10 is available from in November in UK and Europe. The pricing is €7500 / £6750.

For more information, head on over to Melco.


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