Melco Black Finish Friday

Posted on 29th November, 2019

Melco Black Finish Friday

Melco unveils its extended range of components available in the new black finish.

Fitting news for Black Friday is that Melco's black finish now extends to the matching half-width accessories, including the new S100 audiophile data-switch that we announced in October.

Melco N100 and E100 Black Finish

The strikingly stealthy finish was unveiled at High End Munich earlier this year with the N10 Series sporting the new look. The black finish has always been available with Melco's full-width N1 Series, and now the company's half-width components are steadily following suit.

Melco N100 and E100 Black Finish

The latest to be offered the option include the D100 Compact Disc Drive/Loader, E100 (3TB HDD) expansion drive and the S100 data-switch.

EX Series Update

Additionally, as we mentioned in our coverage of The UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019, Melco's digital music libraries are transitioning to the new EX Series. The comprehensive software suite upgrade includes the powerful Melco Intelligent Music Library, incorporating SongKong for Melco and MinimServer as well as vTuner and more. We hope to bring you more details next week.

For more information, head over to Melco.


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