Posted on 7th September, 2018


McIntosh has unveiled its next-generation MC462 amplifier, which becomes their most potent amp boasting 450 watts.

The stunning new US-made power amp includes proprietary McIntosh Autoformer technology. With 450 watts on tap, it will deliver every single watt to power world-class home audio systems.

The new 450-watt MC462 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier is available right now for £12,495. The company's unique McIntosh Autoformer technology ensures that the every one of the amplifier's 450 watts is delivered to any loudspeaker, regardless of type. It is quite a different beast to the MA5300 we recently reviewed.

McIntosh MC462

The MC462 replaces its predecessor, the MC452, and receives numerous updates from the Binghamton, NY factory. The most prominent is an increase in filter capacity. The result is dynamic headroom is up by 66% (from 1.8dB to 3.0dB), allowing the MC462 to handle dramatic swings in dynamics easily and effortlessly reproduce music with virtually no distortion. Also, the company states that there is improved bass performance over the outgoing model.

Aesthetically, the MC462 retains all the hallmarks of a McIntosh amp, albeit with some modern twists. The front panel now utilises direct LED backlighting, improving colour accuracy and appearance, for a start. Additionally, the two audio Autoformers and single power transformer nestle in new enclosures topped by a single machined cover with glass inserts. Also, the back-half of the amplifier is home to four McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks connected to advanced high-current output transistors that help eliminate thermal equilibrium lag-time.

McIntosh MC462 collage

Furthermore, the MC462 is packed full of exclusive McIntosh technologies including Power Guard, Sentry Monitor, Quad Balanced design, Power Control and McIntosh's patented Solid Cinch speaker binding posts. Internally, there is now an eco-friendly power management system. Also, there are upgrades to internal wiring and select circuit components.

The amplifier offers both balanced and unbalanced outputs (make bi-amping or tri-amping speakers easier), plus they can also be used to send the audio signal to a secondary system or to connect a powered subwoofer.

The MC462 is available now priced at £12,495.

For more information, go to McIntosh.


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