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5th July, 2019


Melco components have got even more tempting thanks to this Summer Gift Promotion.

Melco's Summer Gift Promotion (UK) includes free iPads, year-long Tidal and Qobuz accounts, £250 Red Letter Day gift vouchers, 6TB drives from Buffalo Technology, gin and more!
Melco is celebrating the summer season in style. The high-performance digital music storage solutions maker is offering a range of exciting gifts (including gin), with the purchase of any of its advanced digital music libraries from an official Melco retailer for a limited time.

The gifts include Apple iPads (so you can use the Melco Music HD app); 12-month Tidal and Qobuz accounts; £250 Red Letter Day gift vouchers; 6TB drives, with a total of 11 items to choose from there is something for everyone.

Did we mention there's also gin?

Melco Summer Gift Promotion

Running from right now until September 8th 2019, the Summer Gift Promotion works on a points system with each Melco digital music library having a points value, for instance, the N100 is worth 2 Melco Points whereas the N1ZS20 equals 10 Melco points, which can then be exchanged for gifts. So, if you fancied a bottle of Thundery Hill Craft Gin that will be 1 Melco Point or, perhaps, you would prefer a Buffalo mains powered CD loader BRXL which can be yours for 3 Melco points? 
This offer might just be the added sweetener you need if you were already considering the benefits of Melco's audiophile-grade digital music libraries, as all of the Japanese specialist's current models feature in the offer, including the recently launched compact-chassis N100 (£1,800) and two-box N10 (£6,750) as well as the full-width libraries which include solid-state models.

Furthermore, you can claim your gifts via a simple form on the Melco website, which can be posted, or scanned or photographed and emailed to Melco's UK distributor, who will ship goods directly and email links for online service gifts.

The Summer Gift Promotion is available in the UK, and similar schemes are expected to roll out in parts of Europe later in 2019. Full details as we get them.

Full scheme details:

For more information, go to Melco.


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