MartinLogan’s ‘Neolith’

Posted on 7th October, 2014

MartinLogan’s ‘Neolith’

Audio Active, distributors of MartinLogan, currently have the only set of the awe-inspiring Neolith speakers in the world, right here in Australia.

Culminating from MartinLogan's thirty year plus history, Neolith combines the stunning performance from the legendary Statement Evolution 2, while capturing the iconic simplicity of MartinLogan's original inspiration, the Monolith.

Tivoli Hi-Fi's Rockstars, Geoff and Jimmy.

Neolith features a 22 x 48” electrostatic transducer with a radiating surface 35% larger than that of the Statement Evolution 2. Flawlessly matched with the electrostatic panel, a 15” rear-firing ported woofer and 12” front firing sealed mid-bass woofer deliver “deeply moving, powerful, and extremely accurate bass down to 23Hz”. A fully passive design allows customers to single wire or bi-amp the speaker with high-performance audiophile grade solid state or tube amplifiers.

StereoNET were invited to an exclusive viewing and demonstration held at Tivoli Hi-Fi, Melbourne last night, with the pre-production Neolith on display in all their glory.

Unfortunately due to the weight and mammoth size of Neolith, they weren't able to be setup in Tivoli's dedicated audio rooms upstairs. So in a room far from ideal, critical listening was next to impossible. They do however display brilliant craftsmanship and forward thinking from the designers at MartinLogan and we look forward to hearing them again at a later date.

Neolith SpecificationsProduction of Neolith commences in November, and they are expected to be available in Australia from late December 2014.

MartinLogan's Neolith will sell for around AUD $110,000 RRP, but this will be confirmed once they land in Australia.

For more information visit Audio Active.

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