Martin Logan Brings Full Range to Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Posted on 5th December, 2019

Martin Logan Brings Full Range to Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Renowned Stateside speaker brand Martin Logan will be making its full-range Bristol Show debut in February 2020.

As you might recall, we were at PMC HQ when the company announced its new distribution arm and that PMC Distribution would be looking after Martin Logan in the UK. Now, with the refreshed Martin Logan Motion series as well as the highly-respected line of electrostatic panels, the time is right for UK hi-fi fans to meet the full squad next year.

Martin Logan Bristol 2020

Naturally, the famous flagship Masterpiece series electrostatic loudspeakers will be shown at the Bristol Show next year, and they will be joined by the Motion Series and other products in the Bristol Suite found on the Ground Floor of the show. The exciting thing is that it will be the first time that many of the products on display will have been seen in the UK.

Martin Logan Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020

Additionally, there will be a selection of the company's key staff on hand to answer questions about the brand and its products. Furthermore, PMC will be conducting timed demonstrations of selected products throughout the show in the SS Great Britain suites 1 and 2.

Martin Logan Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020

We reckon that the slimline Motion Series, especially the 15i and 35TXi bookshelf speakers, 30i and 50TXi centre channel designs and 20i, 40i, and 60TXi floor standers, will be of particular interest. The speakers are finished in Matte White, Red Walnut, or Gloss Black and range in price from £795 per pair to £2995 per pair. For that, you get Folded Motion tweeters - a technology that provides the accuracy and delicacy of an electrostatic panel from a compact driver - as well as aluminium cone drivers and custom, hand-built crossovers.

Martin Logan at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020

See the Martin Logan range in the Bristol Suite, stand 7b and hear them in SS Great Britain Suites 1 and 2 from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd February 2020.

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For more information, head to Martin Logan.


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