Marten Parker Series Loudspeakers Announced

Posted on 18th May, 2020

Marten Parker Series Loudspeakers Announced

Marten has unveiled its new Parker three-model series of loudspeakers.

The Parker series from Marten features the Duo standmount, and Trio and Quintet floorstanders and will be priced between €9,000 - €38,000 (TBC). All sport custom-designed drivers and sit atop Marten-designed pucks from IsoAcoustics.

Marten Parker Trio

What started as an update to the Swedish-brand's Heritage range soon became something different as “the upgrades to technology and build were so radical, we created a new series instead”, states Marten's Cheif Designer, Leif Olofsson.

The mid-range Parker series slots in above the Heritage range and boasts improved cabinet construction which the manufacturer says leaves it almost resonance-free thanks, in part, to the tapering sides created from M-board, a multi-layered material offering extreme resonance reduction.

Marten Parker Duo

Marten Parker Duo

The Parker Duo is a 2-way stand-mounted speaker with a quoted sensitivity of 88 dB and frequency response of 36Hz-40KHz +-2dB from its 1-inch tweeter and 7.5-inch bass/midrange ceramic drivers. Bolstering the low-end is a 9-inch aluminium passive radiator. We're told that each unit has a very long linear excursion and utilises a powerful Neodynium magnet system for control.

As expected, Marten continues to use Jorma Design internal wiring, which is also handmade in Sweden and boast enhanced shielding and the highest quality copper.

The Parker Duo is available with optional stands featuring the new Marten puck footers.

Marten Parker Trio

Marten Parker Trio

The Trio sports much of the same technology as the Duo but in a 2.5-way floor-standing design that features a pair of 7.5-inch ceramic mid/bass drivers as well as a doubling up on 9-inch rear-firing aluminium radiators.  Sensitivity is stated as being 91 dB with a frequency range of 26Hz-40KHz +-2dB.

The outrigger stands feature the new custom Marten IsoAcoustic feet.

Marten Parker Quintet

Marten Parker Quintet

Finally, the Parker Quintet. Here is another 2.5-way floor stander but here the tapered M-board cabinet is loaded with four mid/bass drivers and tweeter as well as four rear radiators. This all adds up to a frequency range that starts way down at 24Hz up to 40KHz +-2dB. Sensitivity is quoted as being 93 dB.

Diamond Edition

Marten Parker Diamond

Additionally, if you want even more out of your Marten Parker, you can upgrade to the Diamond Edition which is available across the entire range.

This replaces the ceramic tweeter with a pure diamond one and brings in Jorma Statement internal cables. Furthermore, there are more advanced crossover components and improved terminals, says Marten.

The Parker series is available in piano walnut, matte walnut and piano black as the standard finish options.

For more information, check out Marten.


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