Magnepan LRS Speakers Available in UK

Posted on 1st May, 2020

Magnepan LRS Speakers Available in UK

If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to enter the realm of Magnepan's superb flat panel, planar magnetic loudspeakers, then perhaps the LRS will fit the bill.

Magnepan LRS UK

We caught up with the new Magneplanar LRS ('Little Ribbon Speaker') at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show earlier in the year and, as an appetiser to the USA-based brand, the LRS really still delivers the 'real' Magnepan sound for under £1,000.

Magnepan LRS Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020

The LRS is a full-range quasi-ribbon speaker that was created from the ground up to give you a pretty good idea what to expect from the brand's flagship 20.7 or 30.7 models as it produces a claimed frequency response of 50 -20 kHz.

Magnepan LRS

It was designed using high-end electronics and monoblocks, so while it will still perform nicely with an integrated amp, its 86dB sensitivity really needs some high-end, high-current amplification for the best results.

Magnepan states:

Once you have tried a Magneplanar in your home, we know that the probability is high that you will be a life-long Maggie enthusiast.

The Magnepan LRS is available now in natural or black solid oak, dark cherry trim with off-white, grey or black fabric, for £995.

Additionally, if you choose to subsequently move up to one of the larger Magnepan speakers within a year of purchase, you'll receive credit from Magnepan's UK distributor Decent Audio for your traded-in speakers.


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