Posted on 12th September, 2019


Magico LLC has announced that its MRACK audio equipment stand is now available to purchase. 

Magico initially designed the MRACK for its own R&D so that the many amps, DACs, transports and tables were allowed to achieve their maximum performance; something Magico felt none of the other system racks they tried was able to do.

Magico MRACK

However, what started as a tool to be used internally by Magico has now become available to anyone seeking top-flight performance from their system support.

Magico MRACK

Magico MRACK

The Magico MRACK is the result of the company's knowledge gathered through the development of the 'Q' and 'M' speaker platforms as well as the POD products.

The MRACK is available in 3 and 4 shelf flavours and is finished in a durable, not to mention sexy-looking, brushed black anodise. 

The middle shelves are factory adjustable to optimise each rack to your own equipment. Additionally, the shelves are coupled to the floor by the renowned Magico MPOD. 

MRACK Construction

Each shelf weighs 80lbs and is fashioned from five layers of constrained-layer-damped aluminium, copper and ISODAMP elastomer. This construction is designed to channel energy away from the front-end equipment. 

Magico MRACK

The structure of the MRACK utilises the same CLD layered architecture to control the resonance of your system and the surrounding environment. Magico states that the results in improved resolution, imaging and soundstage will genuinely allow you to hear things you never have before. 

Grounding and Cable Management

Magico MRACK

We particularly like the copper grounding rod. This device enables you to ground individual front-end components as well as the shelves themselves. Also, you can connect the grounding rod to an external ground. 

The 3 and 4 shelf racks employ two sets of cable management apparatus per elevated shelf. Not only does this organise cabling but also improves signal fidelity and reduces tension on IEC connections. 



Finally, in addition to the 3 and 4 shelf equipment racks, two sizes of MSTAND vibration dissipation platforms will be offered. The platforms use the same CLD architecture as the racks and are mounted on 3 MPODs per platform. MSTAND can be used to support power amplifiers and other equipment.

Price and availability

The Magico MRAC is scheduled to start shipping in the 4th Quarter of 2019.

  • 3 Shelf - MSRP: $32,000
  • 4 Shelf - MSRP: $42,000
  • MSTAND - MSRP: $12,000
  • MSTAND Plus - MSRP: $14,000

For more information, head on over to Magico.

Tech Spec

Each Shelf

21” (w) x 18” (d) - 80lbs.

MRACK 3 Shelf 

25.5” (w) x 18” (d) x 31.9” (h) - 320 lbs. 

MRACK 4 Shelf 

25.5” (w) x 18” (d) x 42.6” (h) - 400 lbs. 

MSTAND Vibration Dissipation Platform

21” (w) x 18” (d) x 4.5” (h) - 90 lbs. 

MSTAND Vibration Dissipation Platform Plus 

22” (w) x 23” (d) x 4.5” (h) - 110 lbs. 


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