Posted on 1st July, 2018


Italian brand, M2Tech, recently unveiled their Rockstars Series of components. Joining the Young MKIII preamp/DAC, Crosby power amp and Van Der Graaf MKII power supply is the recently announced Nash phono preamp.

The Nash is a dedicated phono preamplifier and equaliser that’s compatible with every cartridge model. This boast is backed up by the fact that it sports two dedicated phono inputs, one for low-level MC cartridges and one for medium-high level output MC cartridges and MM cartridges.

Furthermore, this allows you to have two cartridges connected to one unit instead of having to switch between phono-pre amps or settings. This is especially handy for those rocking a dual tone-arm setup.

The MC input allows for setting MC step-up gain (3dB to 30dB) and input impedance (10 Ohms to 1 kOhms, continuously); whereas, the MM input allows for choosing input resistance (15 kOhms or 47 kOhms) and capacitance (0pF, 100pF, 220pF and 470pF, plus any combination of the basic values).

The unit’s FET-input, all-discrete component circuits features plenty of gain, but also incredibly low noise. Specs here are a 2.5Vrms output with 5mV on MM and 170uV on MC. The passive RIAA is implemented with high precision polypropylene capacitors.

MC interface parameters (input impedance and MC pre-pre gain) are set by a potentiometer on the rear panel. Also, the MM interface parameters (input impedance and capacity load) are set by DIP-switches, again found on the rear panel.

You are able to control the Nash using the front panel or remote control.

Far more high-tech though, the Nash is equipped with a Bluetooth BLE module, meaning you can conveniently control it with a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

The super-clear OLED display has been specially modified in order to prevent it from creating interference with the audio circuitry. The screen displays setting options for the anti-rumble filter, MM input stage gain, etc.

The Nash also features two aux line-level inputs giving it the ability to become a switching box for your analogue sources. Perfect if pairing it with the Young Mk III pre/DAC, especially as the Young only sports a single analogue input. A Nash and Young MkIII duo can offer four analogue sources: two phono and two line-level.

We’re told that the Nash noise and sound performance can be further improved by replacing the stock wall adaptor with the Van Der Graaf MkII Low Noise Power Supply.

The rather attractive Nash phono stage will be available soon and will sell for £1700.

For more information visit M2Tech.


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