Posted on 20th May, 2019


M2Tech has just revealed its new Marley MkII headphone amplifier.

The original Marley head amp, part of the company’s Rockstar range was well received. Today we have had news that the latest iteration “is a high-performance headphones amplifier with literally all you need for first-class headphones listening.”

The 2Kg Marley MkII features both single-ended and balanced inputs; you also get a 3-band tone control allowing you to tailor the headphone amplifier’s frequency response to the headphones. Alternatively, you can disable the tone control altogether.

M2Tech Marley MkII

Matching the 200x200x50mm (WxDxH) amp with your favourite cans shouldn’t be an issue thanks to the Marley MkII having an output impedance range between Lo-Z, 10 OHms and 47 Ohms. Furthermore, there is up to 10Vrms max output voltage (20Vrms at the balanced output) available, enabling every model of headphone to perform as it should.

Additionally, the tape output and a preamp output (doubling the single-ended output on RCA connectors on the back panel) allows you to use the Marley MkII as a true preamplifier.

M2Tech Marley MkII

Also, your older stereo recordings can be affected by the so-called “ping pong effect” caused by excessive channel separation, well this can be mitigated by enabling the cross-feed circuit.

The Marley MkII can be operated by the front panel controls, by the IR remote control or by an app (available for both iOS and Android) via Low Energy Bluetooth.

The M2Tech Marley MkII will be available in late June. We have been reliably informed that the asking price will be £1900 or €2130.

For more information, head over to M2Tech.

Tech Spec

  • Inputs: 2x single-ended (RCA), balanced (XLR), trigger (3.5mm jack)
  • Outputs: headphones single-ended (jack 6.35mm), headphones balanced (4-pole XLR), tape out (RCA), preamp out (RCA),  trigger (jack 3.5mm)
  • Sensitivity: 1.6Vrms 5V (trigger)
  • Input impedance: 47 kOhms (single-ended), 20 kOhms (balanced)
  • Output impedance: Lo-Z/10 Ohms/47 Ohms (selectable)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 115dBA (single-ended), 118dBA (balanced)
  • THD+N: 0.0008% @ 9Vrms out on 8 Ohms
  • Output Voltage Before Clipping: 9Vrms (8 Ohms, Lo-Z) 10Vrms (300 Ohms, Lo-Z)
  • Tone Controls: +/-12dB in 1dB steps
  • Muting: -20dB
  • Supply voltage: 15VDC or +15/-15/+5VDC
  • Power Consumption: 33W (9Vrms on 8 Ohms single-ended), 0.5W (standby)


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