Posted on 6th November, 2018


The newly announced Luxman PD-151 turntable is a more affordable alternative to the brand's PD-171.

Luxman has announced it's new entry-level turntable dubbed the PD-151. It will land on Japanese shelves first later this month.

Following the 2014 release of the higher spec PD-171A, Luxman says its new belt-driven PD-151 has been designed to focus on performance while keeping the cost down.

Luxman PD-151 turntable

Additionally, Luxman states that it focused on three major elements; namely the tonearm, turntable and drive system. The company's priorities were operability, attractive design and functionality, all integrating beautifully.

The PD-151 features a newly developed, high precision DC motor with a quoted wow and flutter of less than 0.04%. Perhaps, more importantly, is that the turntable has extreme accuracy across 33.3, 45 and 78 RPM rotations. The 4kg platter offers improved stability as well as that aforementioned accurate rotation.

The design of the PD-151 features a suspended structure that sees the components mounted on the underneath of the of the top panel chassis.

Luxman PD-151 rear


Luxman tells us that this design eliminates the influence of vibrations from the turntable's supporting surface.

A 10mm thick machined aluminium plinth provides a rigid base for the moving parts.

The PD-151 utilises a high precision stainless steel spindle, a PEEK thrust bearing and brass radial bearing.

Like the PD-171, the newcomer also uses a JELCO static balanced tonearm which caters for easy cartridge changes.

Luxman PD-151 turntable with dustcover

The motor and power transformer are isolated with rubber damping mounts, while large calibre insulating feet with 8mm of independent height adjustment ensure the turntable is isolated and level.

Luxman’s PD-151 will be released in Japan in November before an international roll-out in early 2019 with an expected retail price of £2235.

A 4mm thick acrylic dust cover will also be available as an optional extra.

You will be able to experience the PD-151 as well as the new L-509X integrated amplifier at The 2018 New York Audio Show in Room 907.

For more information visit Luxman.


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