Linn Kustom DSM for Custom Installation

Posted on 18th December, 2019

Linn Kustom DSM for Custom Installation

Linn announces its return to the custom installation market with the launch of its Kustom DSM high-performance multi-zone network music player.

Kustom DSM takes Linn's DSM streaming technology and packages into a flexible, scalable and easy-to-install solution. So, no matter whether its residential, commercial or marine, Kustom DSM brings the Linn sound quality to any installation.

Linn Kustom DSM

Linn's recent investment into improving manufacturing capabilities at its factory in Glasgow, particularly in Surface Mount Technology, has given rise to Kustom DSM's innovative new board design. Two variants are available and are both housed in a space-conserving 1U high chassis:

  • 2 stream/4 zone that sends two audio streams to a maximum of four different zones
  • 4 stream/8 zone that sends four audio streams to a maximum of eight different zones

Additionally, this combination of two product variants along with the ability to connect multiples together makes Kustom DSM a highly scalable solution.

Crestron and Control4

With drivers for Crestron and Control4, Kustom DSM can be integrated seamlessly into any smart home automation system design. Naturally, it also works with Linn's control app, Kazoo.

Benefitting from the latest streaming architecture developed for Selekt DSM, this source-only product provides the flexibility to add any choice of amps and speakers throughout the installation.


Linn Kustom DSM

Each stream has a variety of analogue and digital inputs to enable the connection of local sources: HDMI ARC, TOSLINK, SPDIF and a pair of RCAs. Each zone has a couple of RCA outputs for connection to downstream components.

As with all Linn network music players, every Kustom DSM is precision-engineered at the Linn factory and is hand-built, tested and packaged by one person who, only once completely satisfied with their handiwork, signs their name on it.

Linn Kustom DSM

Linn Managing Director, Gilad Tiefenbrun, said

Linn entered the custom installation market 25 years ago with our ground-breaking Knekt multiroom system which set the benchmark for quality in distributed audio systems. 12 years ago, we started our journey in high-resolution digital audio playback with Klimax DS. The result of continuous development in both these areas is Kustom DSM – our first one box, multi-zone DSM player which will deliver transformational musical experiences to every space in an installation at our most competitive price-per-zone yet.

Price and availability

Kustom DSM is available through all Linn Custom Installation Specialists worldwide.

  • Kustom DSM (2 stream/4 zone) - £2,825
  • Kustom DSM (4 stream/8 zone) - £5,650

Kustom DSM is available in a black finish and has both brackets for rack mounting and feet for placing on a shelf.

For more information, head over to Linn.


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