Posted on 2nd June, 2018


Linn has announced support for the highly-popular Roon music library platform across its entire range of DS players. Every single one.

Compatibility extends to every DS model, beginning with the launch of the first Klimax DS, introduced in 2007.

Roon is one of the most popular music management and browsing tools available right now. This is partly due to the expanded features such as artist photos, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers all at the user’s fingertips. It really is an excellently interconnected and searchable digital environment centred around your own music collection.

Linn has worked with Roon so that it works alongside Kazoo, Linn’s own control app, and other third-party options for DS users.

Roon tells StereoNET:

Linn was a pioneer among high-performance manufacturers in the world of network audio, which means that Linn has more Network Music Players out there than many other brands combined. Until now, the only way for Roon to communicate with those products was over AirPlay, which left many Linn customers without a high-resolution way to play.

Roon subscribers can now select a Linn DS player from within the Roon control app with the DS as the clock master – guaranteeing the highest audio quality possible.

From version 1.5, Roon will stream high-resolution audio from Tidal, support MQA, play network NAS files and work with iTunes libraries, to all Linn network players.

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn Managing Director, adds:

Linn’s open approach to software development has led to the creation of a diversity of control apps, allowing our customers to find the solution that works best for them. Roon’s offering of an intuitive music management and rich browsing experience led us to collaborate on this new implementation and we are delighted to introduce Roon as a new and exciting way for our customers to interact with their Linn system.

The Roon v1.5 update comes free of charge to existing subscribers and has already started rolling out to users.

For more information visit Linn | Roon.

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