Leema Acoustics Joins Exclusive UK Club

Posted on 12th February, 2020

Leema Acoustics Joins Exclusive UK Club

Leema Acoustics invests in improved productivity for its UK-based Hi-Fi manufacturing.

In a refreshing change to the doom-and-gloom stories hitting the news these days, Welshpool-based Leema Acoustics is positively investing in the future.

Leema Acoustics surface-mount oven

The latest purchase by the UK hi-fi manufacturer was teased in a Facebook post yesterday (above) but has now been revealed as being a mighty Heller Industries Model 1707 MK5. Stay with us now.

The £45,000 Heller unit is a highly advanced surface-mount oven (the first of its kind in the UK). Investing in this machine, says Leema, will improve the precision and reliability of the Welsh company's PCBs, a crucial element in the production of Leema Acoustics' components. Furthermore, Leema says that it will also be kinder to the environment thanks to its efficiency and so reducing the company's carbon footprint.

Leema Acoustics surface-mount oven

Installing the Heller Industries Model 1707 MK5 enables more precise design profiles for Leema's delicate audio components which, in turn, means a better finish and end-product.

The purchase of this swish surface-mount oven makes Leema Acoustics one of a tiny band of hi-fi brands manufacturing their own PCBs in Great Britain. This is in addition to Leema sourcing UK-based component suppliers along with all the company's metalwork coming from Wales or neighbouring counties.

We look forward to testing the fruits of this latest investment.

For more information, check out Leema Acoustics.


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