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Leema Acoustics will be putting in a Stellar performance at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show as it brings its complete Stellar range including the new production-ready Stream IV streaming CD player.

Leema Acoustics will reveal its new Stream IV streaming CD player at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show as it makes its production debut at the weekend event.

Leema Stream IV

First seen in pre-production guise at the 2018 show, the fully updated production version of Leema's much-loved CD player, now in its fourth incarnation, will be complemented by its range stablemates from the company's Stellar line, including the Quasar streaming amp/DAC and the Pulse IV integrated amplifier/DAC.

The Stream IV is a next-generation CD player and high-resolution streamer in one. Offering wide-ranging functionality the Stream IV is naturally capable of playing CDs as well as accessing digital audio files from USB flash drives and streaming from a wide range of sources including NAS drives and networked DLNA devices. Furthermore, the Stream IV hands you access to streaming services with support for Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer and vTuner internet radio.

Leema Stream IV

Headline updates to the new Stream IV include the addition of an advanced high-resolution 24/192 Stream Unlimited streaming module and a high-quality ESS Sabre DAC.

Hand-made in the Welsh factory, the new Stream IV streaming CD player forms one half of the legendary Stream and Pulse (amp) combination which has been an iconic part of the manufacturer's range for the past two decades.

Leema Pulse IV integrated amplifier

Joining the Stream IV is its perfect partner, the Pulse IV amplifier. Posited as the ideal ‘hub' for contemporary music-listening, the Pulse IV boasts a phono stage, Bluetooth connectivity and seven digital inputs enabling a range of additional devices to connect.

Leema Pulse IV

We enjoyed it so much; we gave it an Applause Award. The Pulse IV proved to be a highly versatile and powerful integrated amplifier.

Leema Quasar

The final piece of the Leema line-up is the Quasar - a highly flexible audio system for modern lifestyles.

Firstly, it's a powerful (200-watt) integrated amplifier, streamer and DAC in one. Furthermore, it offers high-quality music streaming, plus convenient connectivity for smart devices via aptX Bluetooth.

Quasar benefits from a high-quality DAC featuring seven digital inputs and is capable of improving sound quality across a range of devices, from gaming consoles to TVs and laptops. The DAC builds on Leema's renowned Quattro-infinity technology as seen in the flagship Libra and enables perfect conversion from digital data to an audio signal, with three co-axial inputs and three optical inputs, plus Leema's M1 asynchronous USB interface.  

Leema Quasar

Quasar plays most formats at up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution, with full DLNA/UPnP compatibility. Streamed music can be enjoyed through the Quasar or redirected to a separate network player or device, enabling playback for two users at once: one streaming and one using an alternative source.

Control for the streamer is via a dedicated app for both Android and Apple devices and supported services include Tidal, vTuner radio and Deezer, plus there's Spotify Connect compatibility and playback from Dropbox and MS Cloud accounts. A USB input allows playback from flash memory devices, too.

You can find Leema Acoustics at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show on the 4th Floor in Room 412.

Pricing and availability

  • The Pulse IV DAC/amplifier is available now priced at £2,295
  • The Stream IV streaming CD player is available to order now priced at £2,295
  • The Quasar streaming amp/DAC is available now priced at £2,995

For more information, jump over to Leema Acoustics.


The Bristol Hi-Fi shows runs from Friday 22nd February through Sunday 24th February 2019 at the Marriott City Centre Hotel, Bristol.

To book your tickets for the show head to The Bristol Hi-Fi Show site.


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