Kudos for Exposure’s VXN External Crossover and PSU

Posted on 16th December, 2019

Kudos for Exposure’s VXN External Crossover and PSU

Exposure's VXN active crossover and power supply are now available for Kudos Audio loudspeakers and more.

Exposure's new VXN active crossover and VXN power supply was designed to bypass Kudos speakers' internal passive crossovers, enabling you to optimise your amplifiers' output and so significantly improve your speakers' performance. Moreover, we heard this improvement demonstrated at the recent UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019.

Exposure VXN Crossover and PSU

The smarts behind the Exposure VXN is that while a typical 'passive' audio system uses one power amplifier channel per loudspeaker, in an active system there is one power amplifier channel per drive unit. So, in an active system in a two-way loudspeaker design, you have four amplifiers driving the speakers, and in three-way design, six amps, and so on. In this case, the Exposure VXN active crossover unit is connected between the preamplifier and the power amplifiers.

Kudos Titan - Exposure VXNThe new Exposure VXN crossover measures just 218mm x 89mm x 348mm (WxHxD) and initially developed for active operation with Kudos Audio's Titan flagship range of loudspeakers, as well as the 'Super' models in its Cardea series. These models have been configured to allow simple bypassing of the internal crossover for active operation.

However, Exposure's VXN active crossovers can also be tailored to suit other loudspeaker brands - just specify which loudspeaker model you are planning to use them with. Exposure will then adapt the components in the active crossovers to enhance the performance of your specific loudspeakers.

Furthermore, the VXN active crossovers can potentially be applied to any pre/power amp combo, and not just Exposure's own electronics, especially as all inputs and outputs are RCA. Power to the VXN active crossover is supplied by Exposure's dedicated matching, fully linear, VXN power supply.

Having a direct connection between your power amplifier and your loudspeaker's drive units does make a difference.

Price and availability

The Exposure VXN active crossover and power supply are available now. Prices (incl. VAT):

  • VXN active crossover 2-way - £1545
  • VXN active crossover 3-way - £1795
  • VXN power supply - £995

For more information, go to Exposure Electronics and Kudos Audio.


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