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If you liked the look of the Kimber Kable Carbon interconnects, prepare yourself for two flavours of speaker cable from the new range.

First came the Kimber Kable 40th anniversary Carbon interconnect cables, today Russ Andrews announces the availability of the Carbon 8 and Carbon 16 loudspeaker cables in the UK.

Kimber Kable Carbon Speaker Cable

Kimber Kable Carbon Speaker Cable

The Carbon speaker cable features an electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer between the Teflon dielectric and VariStrand conductors, just like the recently outed interconnect.

Ray Kimber, founder and owner of Kimber Kable, explained to StereoNET:

The use of an intermediate layer of carbon-doped polymer between the copper conductors and insulating dielectric reduces mechanically induced electrical noise, improves overall conductivity by 5% when compared to a standard VariStrand 19.5AWG. And it improves voltage distribution within the insulating dielectric by virtue of the impedance gradient.

Do the Strand

Both the Carbon 8 and Carbon 16 loudspeaker cables feature braided 19.5AWG conductors. Their names signify the number of strands used. So, Carbon 8 features eight strands and the Carbon 16, well, you get the idea.

Kimber Kable Carbon Speaker Cable

The Kimber Kable Carbon 8 has been designed to be a lightweight and very flexible cable and so places very little mechanical stress on smaller stand-mounted loudspeakers. The Carbon 16, on the other hand, is best matched with larger stand-mount or floor standing speakers.

Plug in Baby

The cables come terminated with the tried and tested Kimber banana plugs as standard.

Kimber Kable Carbon Speaker Cable

Alternatively, you can opt to have them fitted with Kimber Postmaster spades for a small additional cost. You also have the choice to request them finishing with high-performance WBT-0610Cu bananas when you order.

Naturally, they wouldn't be Kimber Kables without them sporting the distinct braiding.

Not only does it look good, but it has also been proven to help reduce conducted and airborne RFI from entering the audio chain.

Price and availability

The Kimber Kable Carbon speaker cables are hand-built to order and available now from Russ Andrews.

Kimber Carbon loudspeaker cable prices (with Kimber bananas):

Carbon 8

  • 1.0m pair  £861
  • 2.5m pair  £1524
  • 3.5m pair  £1966
  • 4.5m pair  £2408

Carbon 16

  • 1.0m pair  £1634
  • 2.5m pair  £2960
  • 3.5m pair  £3844
  • 4.5m pair  £4728

For Kimber Postmaster spades add £35 and for WBT-0610Cu plugs add £353 to the above prices.


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