Posted on 12th September, 2019


KEF has today announced the compact yet potent KF92 subwoofer.

The new KEF KF92 sub follows the KEF Kube series and promises power aplenty. Additionally, thanks to the dual-driver and force cancelling configuration, the KF92 should provide depth, dynamics and detail.

KEF KF92 Subwoofer
The new sub borrows the bass driver design from the renowned KEF R Series. Sporting hybrid aluminium/paper twin 9-inch drivers that boast a large motor system and vented design voice coil, the resulting linearity and low distortion output should ensure that every detail is uncovered no matter the volume.

KF92 - The Low Down

Depths of 11Hz and beyond are achieved thanks to the highly optimised excursion characteristics.

KEF KF92 Subwoofer
The KF92's force cancelling configuration allows for sound pressure levels of 110dB, cancelling out reactive effects and minimising agitation. This set-up, combined with the 1000w (2x500w) of audiophile-grade Class D power will no doubt deliver an immense amount of volume along with incredible levels of control.
KEF states that thanks to their acclaimed Music Integrity Engine (MIE) and intelligent bass extension (iBX), the relationship between the amplification, drivers and cabinet of the subwoofer is enhanced.

KEF KF92 Subwoofer

The MIE suite of DSP algorithms allows the sub to be positioned easily within the home with a simple flick of the five-position switch.

Finally, the KEF KF92 utilises heatsink tech inspired by the brand's nifty LSX and LS50 Wireless. The result is that the electronics within the sleek and compact cabinet are kept in optimum conditions.

Price and availability

The KEF KF92 subwoofer will be available for £2000 as of November 2019.
For more information, go to KEF.


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