KEF Adds Sexy Silver Satin Walnut Finish and More

Posted on 17th January, 2020

KEF Adds Sexy Silver Satin Walnut Finish and More

KEF has added new finishes, including Silver Satin Walnut, as well as introducing a compact Reference THX in-wall option.

KEF Silver Satin Walnut

The British speaker maker has announced the introduction of a new Silver Satin Walnut finish, as well as adding bespoke Foundry Edition finishes (Blue Ice White and Copper Black Aluminium) to the Reference 4c and 2c centre speakers. Finally, KEF has also added a smaller Reference THX Certified Ultra In-Wall Custom Installation model.

KEF Reference Silver Satin Walnut

The new Reference Silver Satin Walnut finish utilises a Silver Satin, tone-on-tone design encompassing the drive units within a solid, brushed aluminium front baffle. Complementing the silver is pair-matched Walnut, real wood veneered cabinets. We think this combination looks gorgeous.

KEF Silver Satin Walnut

The Foundry Edition finishes adorning the 2c and 4c centre speakers pay homage to KEF's Maidstone beginnings. KEF says that the Blue Ice White hints at the blue of the original KEF logo, with the Copper Black Aluminium combining the latest Reference technology with an aesthetic that subtly evokes a rich pedigree.

KEF Copper Black Aluminium Centre

Finally, KEF has added a further Reference In-Wall, THX Certified Ultra custom installation model. The new, smaller Ci3160REF-THX makes use of the same Reference driver topology as the box designs and utilises two 6.5-inch bass drivers and 6.5-inch Uni-Q driver array.

The larger Ci5160REF-THX sports four 6.5-inch bass drivers and 6.5-inch Uni-Q driver array.

Both in-wall designs make use of the same Reference, solid aluminium front baffle, which eliminates unwanted vibrations.

KEF Reference prices 

  • Reference 5 - Flagship three-way floorstander - RRP: £15,000 per pair
  • Reference 3 - Mid-sized three-way floorstander - RRP: £10,500 per pair
  • Reference 1 - Three-way standmounter - RRP: £6,500 per pair
  • Reference 4C - Three-way centre speaker - RRP: £6,000 per piece
  • Reference 2C - Compact three-way centre speaker - RRP: £4,250 per piece
  • Reference 8b - Twin 9-inch driver 'force-cancelling' subwoofer - RRP: £4,500 per piece
  • Ci5160REF-THX - THX Certified Ultra In-Wall Ci speaker - RRP: £8,500 per piece
  • Ci3160REF-THX - THX Certified Ultra In-Wall Ci Speaker - RRP: £7,000 per piece

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