JBL REFLECT Eternal Self-Charging Headphones

Posted on 17th December, 2019

JBL REFLECT Eternal Self-Charging Headphones

JBL needs your help to create the REFLECT Eternal self-charing solar-powered headphones.

JBL is using Indiegogo to capture interest for its REFLECT Eternal solar-powered headphones that boasts unlimited playtime.


The JBL REFLECT Eternal brings together Exeger's revolutionary light converting material paired with JBL's Pro Sound credentials.


Where traditional solar cells need a large surface area and are optimised for outdoor use, Exeger's unique Powerfoyle material is specifically engineered to generate power with indoor light and indirect sunlight. That makes the REFLECT Eternal more user-friendly and enables the headphones to continuously charge - no matter if you're in the office or heading for a night out.


Furthermore, Exeger's compact and efficient solar cells not only brings virtually unlimited battery life but also means that aesthetics don't have to be compromised. Additionally, you still get JBL's popular noise management technologies, Ambient Aware and TalkThru, built-in.

Crowdsourced feedback

JBL REFLECT EternalNaturally, this could prove to be a risky gamble for the brand, especially when plenty of consumers have to be careful with their cash. So, by collaborating directly with customers, JBL hopes to gain insights and feedback from you to ensure the company meets your needs regarding self-charging, eco-friendly technology.

You can get involved via the Indiegogo campaign and provide your reactions to the concept. The initiative is live now at https://igg.me/at/jbl through January 14th. By receiving real-time responses, JBL and Exeger will incorporate peoples' reactions into the optimal go-to-market strategy, making any necessary product adjustments to meet potential customers' needs.

David Owens, Vice President, Business Development at HARMAN, said:

We are looking forward to hearing from our customers and workshopping this sustainable technology with them in real-time. JBL has been working closely with our partners at Exeger to bring this cutting-edge solar technology into a headphone with JBL's legendary Pro Sound, and we hope our customers are as excited about it as we are. JBL is pleased to be working with the right partners to contribute where we can to a more sustainable future.

Exeger Founder and CEO Giovanni Fili added:

I am very excited to share the first culmination of our partnership with HARMAN - one of the world's leading technology brands. Together we will introduce a self-powered headphone that can charge from any light around you. Like every investment in integrated clean energy, the more you use the JBL REFLECT Eternal headphones, the more you help restore the carbon balance of the planet.

Get involved


By participating in the crowdsourcing, you also will get the chance to pre-order the headphone once it becomes available at a discounted rate. To learn more about the self-charging JBL headphones, visit the JBL REFLECT portal.


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