Jazzy Zoetrope Released by Pro-Ject Records

Posted on 14th January, 2020

Jazzy Zoetrope Released by Pro-Ject Records

Pro-Ject Records releases its first double album with 7Ray feat. Triple Ace - Jazzy Zoetrope.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the Austrian maker of turntables, also produces records to play on them. This year sees Pro-Ject Records increase its offerings by launching a double album by the internationally recognised artist, 7Ray.

Jazzy Zoetrope Pro-Ject Records
The album, dubbed Jazzy Zoetrope, is the result of a mutual passion for great sound and audiophile technologies shared between ProJect company owner Heinz Lichtenegger and fellow Austrian 7Ray. Jazzy Zoetrope features both a high-quality studio recording and a “pure live” recording of songs. As well as giving you a direct comparison of the performance styles, you also get a choice of formats - an audiophile 180g double LP (£35), pressed by AUSTROVINYL, or a direct master tape (£445) supplied on ¼-inch SM468 Tape, on 2 x 10.5-inch NAB metal reels in 15ips speed, CCIR equalised.  

Jazzy Zoetrope Pro-Ject Records
The record features a suite of Jazz classics that takes you on a musical journey through both a meticulously planned studio performance and a perfectly executed live recording, according to Pro-Ject. Naturally, the tracks are performed to an exceptional standard by 7Ray, with fellow musicians Simon Plötzeneder and the jazz trio Triple Ace.
Subjected to a pure analogue recording, mixing and mastering process the album has no cuts and no edits, just a totally authentic, natural feel.

Price and availability

Double LP: £35.00 (SRP) Analogue Tape: £445.00 (SRP) 7Ray feat. Triple Ace – Jazzy Zoetrope is available in the UK now.

For more information, check out Pro-Ject.


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