Posted on 29th April, 2017


Users taking advantage of the lightning-to-USB adaptor to use external DACs with iPhones are reporting issues since Apple's latest iOS 10.3 software update.

The software update started rolling out early April for all iOS products and users are complaining via social media that via the Camera Connection Kit, many external devices are no longer working or in some cases, not recognised.

Chord Electronics, manufacturers of the MOJO Headphone Amplifier & DAC, responded:

Apple has recently released the iOS 10.3 software update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod and this has affected the operation of some accessories, including the lightning-to-USB adapter cable (Camera Connection Kit). This is causing issues where the audio will not play on the connected product, but the track will still show as playing on the Apple device; Apple has been made aware. Consequently, DAC/headphone products, including Mojo, may be affected. The current advice is to wait for the next release of the iOS 10 before updating.

One user posting to the Apple official forums reported the issue specifically relating to the Chord Mojo and their iPhone 6 Plus, with an ‘Apple Recommended’ user replying:

When using electronic accessories with your iPhone, ensure that they are either genuine Apple products or that they have been certified as Made for iPhone under the MFi program. Certified items come with the “Made for iPhone” logo on them and/or on their packaging.

Using uncertified or counterfeit accessories may damage your iPhone and/or adversely affect operation. Apple's warranty does not cover damage caused by use with a third party product that does not meet Apple's specifications.

Other users have posted similar complaints on social media site Reddit, stating ‘This device is not supported’ messages being received.

Some sources have suggested the changes contained within the latest software update could be an intentional move by Apple to restrict functionality of non-Apple certified accessories. Apple has not yet responded to those claims.

Until a further update is released or Apple clarifies the situation, you might be best holding off hitting the update button.

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