High End Munich 2020 Making a Comeback?

Posted on 2nd March, 2020

High End Munich 2020 Making a Comeback?

Could there still yet be a Munich Hi-Fi Show in 2020?

StereoNET has received a tip-off from a would-be exhibitor that High End Society could well be prepared to run a show at the MOC venue, after all.

In a letter sent out to disappointed exhibitors regarding compensation due to the recent cancellation announcement we broke the news of last week, High End hinted that there might well be the chance of a hi-fi show still happening.

Amongst the usual cancellation details, there is a passage that states:

At the moment, we are weighing a possibility (sic) of offering an alternative event at the MOC Event Centre in Munich, provided there is sufficient demand.

High End Munich 2020 Letter

Reading between the lines, StereoNET thinks that this may be the start of a rescheduling of the event later in the year. Hopefully, once the health risk has been significantly controlled.

We are aware that there are currently two camps regarding the Coronavirus warnings and that many could not see the point of the early decision made by High End Society to pull its Munich hi-fi show. However, there are plenty who are in support of the precautions and understand that there will have also been pressure from the German government.

Would you still be up for a Munich Hi-Fi Show? More news as we get it.


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