Posted on 15th March, 2019


It looks like High End Munich 2019 is going to rock! Not only had all the exhibition spaces been taken by the start of the year, but Steven Wilson has also been announced as the event's brand ambassador.

Last year's High End show brand ambassador, Norwegian singer-songwriter Kari Bremnes, has handed the torch over to multi-instrumentalist and all-round musical talent Steven Wilson.

Steven Wilson has been forging a fantastic solo career, but he is also known as the founder and creative force behind the prog rock band, Porcupine Tree.

Munich High End 2019 Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson's successful solo career has most recently culminated in his Home Invasion tour selling out three consecutive shows at the legendary Royal Albert Hall. A multi-talented artist, Wilson is a great singer, fantastic guitarist, keyboard player and composer. Furthermore, he has also proven to be an excellent producer and sound engineer.

Stefan Dreischärf, Managing Director of the company High End Society Service GmbH, which organises the High End 2019 Hifi exhibition, told StereoNET:

In particular, it is Steven Wilson’s manifest professional gift for merging technology and music at the highest level that makes for a superb fit to the core brand message of the High End.

With less than two months to go until the High End opens its doors on May 9th, there are 500 exhibitors confirmed covering “all the world’s leading hi-fi brands” who will be showing their wares.

Munich High End 2019

Demand for exhibition space among companies has been consistently high. We are told that “all well-known manufacturers will be attending the event and the booking status has again increased by 10% compared to last year’s event”. Additionally, there will be exhibitors who are attending the High End show for the first time.

Amazingly, that means that the entire capacity of the exhibition grounds, which covers an impressive area of 29,000 square meters, has been filled. So, all 138 closed rooms in the upper atriums and all four exhibition halls of the MOC are reserved.

High End Munich 2019

The four-day exhibition expects to welcome more than 20,000 visitors who will be eagerly finding out about the latest trends and innovations in the worlds of analogue and digital audio, electronics, loudspeakers, headphones, mobile products, sound recording and many accessories.

As one of the most important events on the globe for experts in the audio industry, as well as being a unique world of experience for the general public, this year’s High End exhibition in Munich in May is sure to yet again be a mecca for the hi-fi universe.

We are really looking forward to attending to bring you all the news from the show. Until then, keep coming back for tasty previews.


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