Posted on 19th August, 2018


With regular announcements on the news of high street stores closing it is always heartening to hear when an owner is investing more to improve the shopping experience.

The Hifonix store in Sutton, Coldfield, has been completely restyled to offer customers an inspiring and relaxing environment in which to enjoy the extensive range of performance audio products in stock.

The store’s new showroom area is stocked with some of the finest hi-fi equipment around. Explore further, and you will find a headphone lounge and a dedicated listening room.

Aseem Hussain, the proud owner of Hifonix, is a life-long audiophile and the re-designed store demonstrates his desire to deliver a unique retail experience.

The main showroom has a hand-picked selection of turntables, amplifiers, speakers, headphones and streaming equipment on display. Furthermore, the area has been planned to allow plenty of room for customers to view products from renowned brands such as Arcam, Dynaudio, Kef, Leema, Moon, Naim, Panasonic, Pioneer and Technics.

The headphone lounge features a range of premium products from brands including Grado, Sennheiser, Mr Speakers, Audeze and Focal.

The acoustically treated dedicated listening room enables customers to audition systems or components to ensure that they can make an informed selection.

The whole team’s consultative approach reflects Aseem's passion for audio. They recognise that all of their customers have particular musical preferences, and a different perception of sound and they work carefully to find the perfect product that matches individual taste and needs.

The restyled Hifonix store is attracting customers from across the heart of England, testimony to the products on display and the service offered by the team.

It certainly sounds well worth a visit should you be in the Midlands.

For more information visit Hifonix.


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