Hifi Lounge Expands Home Trials

Posted on 6th April, 2020

Hifi Lounge Expands Home Trials

Hifi Lounge is offering home trials on a range of brands from its Bedfordshire base.

Based in the rural environs of Dunton, Hifi Lounge is a great place to visit usually. Not only is it sat in pleasant surroundings but Paul and the team have put together an excellent array of sensibly-priced top-notch gear that's available to audition and buy.

Hifi Lounge

Obviously, with most of us on week 3 of the current coronavirus lockdown, a visit is out of the question. However, Paul is already planning a “really big open day” once the restrictions have been lifted. In the meantime, Hifi Lounge has been arranging home trials and now has teamed up with a trio of manufacturers to offer more flexibility and stock for home auditions.



Melco offers a full range of servers and players that promises a significant upgrade in sound quality compared to a NAS or computer server. Additionally, the company produces a CD ripper and network switch. Paul says that if you would like to discover the benefits of adding any of their products into your system, please get in touch and he will speak with Melco to arrange the loan.

The Melco range

Computer Audio Design


Hifi Lounge was scheduled to hold a CAD open day next month, which would have centred on the performance benefits of their grounding blocks and other equipment. Naturally, this has had to be postponed.

However, CAD is happy to send out their grounding blocks for you to try at home, which could actually be better for you as you get to hear how they perform in your own system. Paul says that “these really are a great upgrade, totally passive and funnily enough work brilliantly with Melco, so if you have a Server, DAC, CD Player, Phono Stage, all in one player, basically most things and would like better performance, then please get in touch to arrange a home demo”

The grounding blocks are extremely easy to try, as there is no setup and no mains. It is a simple matter of connecting the supplied cable and enjoy.

CAD product range



Quadraspire is currently not entertaining the idea of sending out its HiFi racks for people to try. However, their QPlus range of HiFi isolation feet is perfect for testing at home under any HiFi kit. The idea is that if you haven't got the room for a dedicated Quadraspire rack then putting these under your equipment is the next best thing.

Quadraspire range

For more information, head on over to Hifi Lounge.


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