Posted on 11th May, 2019


We were there at the opening of Harman’s Luxury Audio Studio, which the brand hopes will bring an extra dimension to its Experience Store in Munich.

Featuring an original spatial concept “based on a musician’s loft”, the dedicated space comprises a stereo lounge and a state-of-the-art home theatre all of which were designed using materials chosen for their acoustic properties.

Harman Luxury Studio event

The Studio is intended to serve as a showcase for Harman’s most exclusive luxury audio systems and brands: JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Revel, Mark Levinson, and ARCAM. Additionally, it also features a 7.4.4 home theatre experience featuring Dolby Atmos.

Michael Mauser, President  Lifestyle Audio at HARMAN told StereoNET:

The new Luxury Audio Studio in our Munich Experience Store is a show stopper. It gives our world class luxury audio brands a unique home. This is an important step in the development and growth for our Luxury Audio Division across Europe with iconic brands like JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Revel, Mark Levinson and ARCAM. We are delighted to welcome consumers to this unique space to discover the most advanced high-performance audio systems available on the market.

The 136 sqm Luxury Audio Studio’s design sees the use of vintage layers and textures throughout the space. This is intended to be a designer’s vision of a musician’s loft, albeit a very tidy, organised musician who seems to be doing ok for themselves.

Harman Luxury Studio Event

There are some nice touches such as the vinyl storage inviting you to test out the system, a conference room, and pantry. The room was well-treated with sound booth textures featured on the walls with wooden lamellas overhead.

Harman Luxury Studio Event

We were treated to the first listening session of the almost completed Lexicon SL-1 speaker system. The very clever directional acoustic lens was demonstrated to a select number of attendees.

Completing the experience is a state-of-the-art theater to be used as a testing ground for HARMAN’s latest products while providing a luxury in-home experience.

Harman Luxury Studio Event

Systems that are currently on display in the Stereo Lounge are the Mark Levinson N°585.5 integrated, Mark Levinson N°519 Audio Player, and Mark Levinson N°515 Turntable. Also on display, you’ll find the Revel PerformaBe loudspeakers.

Finally, in the Theater are the JBL Synthesis 7.4.4 System (7x Surround, 4x ceiling, 4x Sub) and the 85-inch Samsung LED Screen.

Harman Luxury Studio Event

Parked in the main store was a Lexus enabling visitors to test out Harman’s in-car know-how too.


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