Gold Note PSU-10 EVO Power Supply Launched

Posted on 3rd July, 2020

Gold Note PSU-10 EVO Power Supply Launched

Gold Note has launched the PSU-10 EVO, the new external power supply designed for the brand's DS-10 and DS-10 PLUS streaming DACs.

Gold Note's PSU-10 EVO (€1,100) joins the Italian manufacturer's Series 10 line of products and follows in the footsteps of the PH-10 phono stage's PSU-10 external power supply. However, the PSU-10 EVO promises to further enhance the performance of your DS-10 and DS-10 PLUS.

Gold Note PSU-10 EVO hi-fi news

Available in Black, Silver and Gold and measuring just 200mm x 80mm x 260mm (WxHxD) to match the rest of the 10 Series, the PSU-10 EVO utilises large panels of finely machined aluminium as a shield to avoid RFI and EMI, says the Tuscany-based company.

Designed, made and assembled by hand in Italy, the PSU-10 EVO features a 4-transformer power supply stage enhanced with ultra-low-noise voltage regulators.

Gold Note PSU-10 EVO hi-fi news

The power supply stage takes advantage of a four-transformer layout with one being used for the inductive filter and the other three being entirely dedicated to the power supply. The Dual Choke Hybrid design features an inductive filter on the analogue stage and is powered by a double inductor, driving both the negative and positive stages.

Gold Note PSU-10 EVO hi-fi news

We're told that  the PSU-10 EVO filters the current to eliminate interference and electrical noise from the AC power system and so provides “ultra-clean power.” Gold Note says that we can expect even greater dynamics, higher resolution and refined details resulting in improved stunning realism and musicality from the DS-10.

Gold Note PSU-10 EVO hi-fi news

The Gold Note PSU-10 EVO is available now for €1,100.

For more information, please visit Gold Note.


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