Gold Note PA-10 Stereo Power Amplifier

Posted on 27th November, 2019

Gold Note PA-10 Stereo Power Amplifier

Gold Note has announced the imminent arrival of the PA-10 stereo power amplifier.

The Gold Note PA-10 (€1390) has been designed to partner the Italian audio company's DS-10 4-in-1 DAC and boasts the “Gold Note sound quality” in a compact 220 mm x 80 mm x 260 mm (WxHxD), 4 Kg package. 

The PA-10 is a fully balanced amplifier featuring a BTL design (Bridge-Tied-Load) which means you can use it as a mono amplifier which, in turn, doubles its power rating from 75 Watt per channel at 8 ohms to a potent 600 Watt @ 4 ohms.

Gold Note PA-10

The PA-10 has a quoted frequency range of 10 Hz - 30 kHz +/- 1 dB and, just like the flagship model PA-1175 MKII, has an adjustable Damping Factor feature that enables perfect matching with any loudspeakers.

Gold Note PA-10

The Gold Note PA-10 is equipped with a stereo XLR input, and a stereo RCA input which, looking at the spec sheet, can be used at the same time should you wish.

Additionally, thanks to the proprietary GN LINK technology, you can put the PA-10 into a Master-Slave-Mode with other sources, such as the DS-10. Essentially, this means that when you switch one unit on or off, all the others follow suit.

Price and availability

The Gold Note PA-10 is available from December 5th for an MSRP of €1390.

For more information, go to Gold Note.


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