Give Dad a Portable Electrostat Speaker for Father’s Day

Posted on 27th August, 2015

Give Dad a Portable Electrostat Speaker for Father’s Day

BenQ, the creators of the world's first portable Electrostat speaker, treVolo, are offering a great promotion for Father's day. What to give someone that already has everything? .... treVolo!

What makes treVolo unique is that electrostatic speakers are generally very large floor standing style speakers. Not so with treVolo, the gurus at BenQ have found a way to incorporate this technology into a small portable device, and it sounds good!

Martin Moelle, BenQ Australia's Managing Director told StereoNET.

The treVolo is a world first – it produces a sound quality which rivals professional audio gear, boasting acoustic quality previously only available exclusively in high-end freestanding speakers.  Unlike conventional speakers, which are cone shaped, the side-panels, or ‘wings’ as we call them on the treVolo, are exceptionally engineered speakers designed for biodirectional sound projection over a large surface area, which radiates quality audio from every angle for room filling sound.

For added convenience, treVolo can even be used as a speakerphone for answering incoming calls, allowing you to speak directly into the speaker instead of reaching for your phone.

For Father's day on 6th September, BenQ are offering the treVolo speaker in Black or Silver, with a free carry case for $399.

For more information, visit BenQ.

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