Posted on 20th June, 2018


Furutech’s NCF Booster has proved so successful that the company has introduced a second companion edition, the new NCF Booster-Signal.

Japanese cable and accessories experts Furutech have spent decades in pursuit of what they call ‘pure transmission’ – how to transmit a delicate audio signal from A to B in its most unadulterated form, neither adding anything nor taking anything away.

With their latest duo of accessories, the NCF Booster and new NCF Booster-Signal, Furutech tackles the issue on a whole different level by addressing the interaction between cables and connectors and their immediate environment.

Both devices take the idea of cable support further. Not only do they lift audio cables off the floor and enable optimum alignment between connectors and sockets, but they also provide damping for both cables and connectors. That damping is specifically designed to reduce environmental interference, thus enabling a more pure and clear signal.

While the original NCF Booster was primarily designed for power cables and connectors, the new NCF Booster-Signal has been tailored for speaker and interconnect cables and connectors.

The special sauce here is Furutech’s proprietary Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF). Furutech tells us this features a special crystalline material with two active properties. Firstly, it's said to generate negative ions that eliminate static. Secondly, it converts thermal energy into far infrared.

Furutech combines this crystalline material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional piezoelectric damping capabilities.

The resulting formula is said to deliver superb electrical and mechanical damping.

Furutech told StereoNET:

These are not ‘magic’ crystals. There is nothing mysterious about the way they work - quite simply, they improve audio performance in a very specific and measurable way.

There must be something to this as several other audio companies in Japan are now working with Furutech to implement NCF in their products.

The new NCF Booster-Signal features a complex internal construction quite different to that of the NCF Booster. It's designed to deliver a more finely-tuned and subtle damping effect for delicate signal cables (as distinct from higher voltage power cables).

Naturally, they say that the two are best used in tandem since much will depend on your particular system, its individual components, your specific cables and connectors, and your flooring materials (in the latter case think radiated resonance and floating static fields on synthetic materials).

Both units are constructed to be highly flexible. The NCF Booster comes with a top clamp (designed for power cables) which can be removed if an alternative position works better in practice. The NCF Booster-Signal comes without a top clamp (designed for signal cables) but with the option to add one, again according to what works best in situ.

Additional extension clamps and lower cradles are available as optional extras, allowing for multi-level support structures.

The Furutech NCF Booster and NCF Booster-Signal are available now.

They will sell in the UK for NCF Booster (£290), NCF Booster-Signal (£175), Optional top clamp for NCF Booster-Signal (£122), Additional extension shafts (per 10) (£30), Additional NCF Booster-Signal lower cradle (£106), Additional NCF Booster lower cradle (£110). All prices include VAT.

For more information visit Furutech.


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