Furutech DSS-4.1 Speaker Cable Released

Posted on 18th November, 2019

Furutech DSS-4.1 Speaker Cable Released

Furutech has announced its DSS-4.1, the new off-the-reel loudspeaker cable.

Furutech's 'pure transmission' approach to design continues in the company's DSS-4.1 speaker cable. According to Furutech, that means its design team turns a macro lens on every element of signal transfer and applies innovative engineering solutions to well-known problems such as contact resistance, EMI and RFI rejection.

Furutech DSS-4.1 Speaker Cable

The DSS-4.1 has become Furutech's flagship off-the-reel loudspeaker cable and features the manufacturer's 'OCC-DUCC' conductors along with its Alpha-treated Ohno Cast Copper (OCC) with Ultra Crystallised High Purity Copper (DUCC). We're told that the latter was developed by the Materials division of Mitsubishi and begins with an extremely pure oxygen-free copper, which is then processed to optimally align the conductor's crystals.

Additionally, Furutech's OCC conductor is said to offer the benefit of more substantial and more 'fibrous' crystals, in which one dimension is longer than the other two. Again, since the copper molecules/crystals that make up the conductor wire are elongated in the direction of the conductor, fewer crystal boundaries occur within any length of wire.

All metal parts are treated with Furutech's trademark two-stage 'Alpha' cryogenic and demagnetisation process.

As a result, Furutech says that the DSS-4.1 is one of the purest, most musically satisfying, high-resolution, low-distortion signal cables available.

Price and availability

Furutech's DSS-4.1 loudspeaker cable is available now priced at £350 per mono metre (including VAT).

For more information, head on over to Furutech.


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