Free Spin Clean with Pro-Ject X1 and X2 Turntables

Posted on 27th March, 2020

Free Spin Clean with Pro-Ject X1 and X2 Turntables

Buy a Pro-Ject X1 or X2 turntable and get a free Spin Clean Record Washer System Mk II.

Henley Audio offers a free Spin Clean Record Washer System Mk II with the purchase of a Pro-Ject Audio X1 or X2 turntable.

Pro-Ject Spin Clean Deal

From today, every new purchase of a Pro-Ject X1 or X2 turntable will be bundled with a Spin Clean that usually retails for £90. The Spin Clean Record Washer System Mk II gives your vinyl a nice bath. Just pour some distilled water into the Spin Clean's 'tub' and mix in a measured dose of the supplied fluid and the bath is ready. After giving your record a few spins in either direction and then a dry off using the cloth provided, your vinyl is all set to live its best life once more.

Spin Clean Pro-Ject Offer

The Pro-Ject X1 is the latest and greatest version of the celebrated Austrian maker's debut deck, the P1. Unveiled last summer, the £699 X1 draws on Pro-Ject's latest technologies and abilities, to deliver exceptional sound for its price - read more about what we thought about it here. Supplied as standard with an Ortofon-manufactured Pro-Ject Pick-IT S2 MM cartridge, the X1 package also counts a pair of Connect-IT E RCA cables, a carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm, and a non-resonant acrylic platter.

Pro-Ject Spin Clean Deal

The X2 luxury, high-end turntable, launched at the same as the X1 and has received a rave review here. The X2 replaced the P2 and provides four-figure performance and luxurious aesthetics for £999. That price includes a super-fast, super-precise Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge, as well as a one-piece tonearm manufactured from rigid carbon fibre and aluminium, plus a set of Connect-IT E RCAs.

In the sub-£1000 category, these are impressive decks, while offering Pro-Ject's customary ease-of-use, which means you'll be up and running in no time. Now, they come with the added bonus of a Spin Clean to help maintain your record collection.

For more information, head on over to Pro-Ject.


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