Final Expands Headphone Range with Sonourous II and III

Posted on 21st May, 2016

Final Expands Headphone Range with Sonourous II and III

It's exceptionally hard to break into an already established market, particularly the headphone market that has been dominated by some big names in recent years. So in order to gain some ground and recognition, the product really does have to perform and allow word to spread.

Final, was established in 2009 when the parent company (who started out building flat screen TVs for the Japanese domestic market) purchased a headphone and earphone factory.

In just a few short years they've created some very high-end headphones that are desired by many discerning head-fi enthusiasts. The proof is in the listening.

More recently, they're taken what they've learned from developing the higher-end models, and released the more affordable Sonorous II and Sonourous III models.

Employing the same driver technology of previous sonorous models, Final says they've “seamlessly combined monitor–like sound quality with a vast sound stage”.

Representing Final in Australia, George Poutakidis, CEO of BusiSoft AV told StereoNET:

Incorporating Final Sonorous’ highest levels in driver technology and sound precision, Sonorous II and Sonorous III are a one of a kind design, with monochromatic blacks and a sleek, textured finish. Final has also designed these new headphones to be the perfect portable music player, with no lack of clear and transparent sound.

These two new models greet listeners with the best technology for impeccable sound quality. Final's own design, BAM (Balancing Air Movement) works to optimise the balance of pressure at the front and rear of the diaphragm, producing audio without muddiness and distortion, leaving listeners with a delightfully crisp sound.

Like its predecessor Sonorous X, the two new models in the range also incorporate a front plate to suppress sound resonance and unnecessary vibrations. A titanium diaphragm has been built into each model, which Final says allows clear and transparent harmonic overtones combined with a vast sound stage.

Comfort is important, and Final has used synthetic leather, which they say has an equal amount of flexibility both horizontally and vertically, along with the use of sponge for the ear pads with just the right amount of flexibility. Incorporating these innovative designs provides listeners with access to great sound quality and luxurious comfort for hours on end.

Of the two models, George said:

If your music taste is nostalgic and acoustic, Final Sonorous II will satisfy all needs by bringing acoustic sessions to life. If however music genres leaning toward Pop and Dance are more preferable, Final Sonorous III provides its listeners with more bass and resonance whilst incorporating the crisp overtones of the Sonorous II.

Available now at just $449 RRP for the Sonorous II and $549 RRP for the Sonorous III, they represent great value and a genuine step into high quality headphones at affordable pricing.

Final is distributed in Australia by BusiSoft AV.

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