Final’s Sonorous Series of Headphones

Posted on 10th September, 2015

Final’s Sonorous Series of Headphones

Final of Japan, might be a relative new-comer to the Australian Head-Fi market, but they've been manufacturing high-end audio products since 1974. First starting out developing a line of high-end MC cartridges and step-up transformers, Final's founder, Kanemori Takai has since mastered turntables, speakers, amplifiers and more.

Today, recognising growth markets, Final focus exclusively on high-end headphones and earphones.

The Sonorous Series is the lastest release, beautifully crafted over-ear headphones that ooze class and sophistication whilst according to Final, “produce a unique clarity and vividness to the sound.”

Featuring just two flagship models in the range, Sonorous VIII and Sonorous X, both feature Final's patented Balanced Air Movement (or BAM) technology and the same characteristic build quality that Final has been known for over the years. The BAM mechanism optimises the air movement inside the housing, which evens the amount of air pressure across the driver which means equates to a more three-dimensional sound and depth with the low frequencies.

The 50mm driver has been developed over two years and is integrated with the front plate which has been machined from pure aluminium.

Manufactured predominantly from machined aluminium and stainless steel, Final discovered it was necessary to create the housing from a rigid metal so as to achieve a sense of realism. Offered at two price points, the Sonorous X is made from metal throughout, while the Sonorous VIII has an ABS Plastic front baffle and housing.

George Poutakidis, CEO and Founder of BusiSoft AV told StereoNET:

Final has been very successful with enthusiasts in Australia embracing the brand. The new range range really have incredible sound quality. Golden detail, soft ear pads and a headband for optimum resilience, the Sonorous Series headphones are also very comfortable for prolonged use.

The supplied cable also comes with gold fixing and has a locking function. Final believes you will be surprised not only by the clarity and vividness, but also by the sense of realism in the sound produced by these headphones.

Sonorous VIII ($4,499 RRP) and Sonorous X ($7,399 RRP) are available now.

Final is distributed in Australia by Busisoft AV.

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